Math 36: Applied Calculus II - Fall 2015

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Office hours week of 12/14

BrayMon 12/14 2-4pm
Wed 12/16 10:30-12:30pm
CLIC 404
CLIC 106.O

Maker Space Extra Credit

If you bring a creation from the Maker Space to your intructor by the start of the final exam, you can receive one additional dropped quiz grade! Rules:

  1. The object must be calculus related! You are only guaranteed the extra credit if you get approval in advance.
  2. At most three of you can submit the same object (need a selfie for evidence).

Midterm 1 & 2 Solutions

are posted on Trunk under resources.

Piazza Online Discussion

Piazza is an online discussion forum. We have created a Piazza course for all three sections of Math 36. All students and instructors can participate in discussion. Get yourself set up by enrolling in Applied Calculus 2 today!

Section 01 (Bray): L'Hopital's Rule reading

Some recommeded reading from the text to review L'Hopital's rule:

There are now video lectures posted under resources on the Trunk page. These brief videos illustrate how to solve standard L'Hopital's problems. To deal with non-standard cases, we have some tricks. These situations are explained in Section 4.7 of the textbook.