Math 36: Applied Calculus II - Fall 2015

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SectionInstructorBasic InfoOffice HoursSection Details
01Sarah Bray
sarah.bray [at]
B+ Block
TRF 8:05-9:20am
T: 10:30am-12:00pm
R: after class
R: 4-6pm
**Office Hour Location**
574 Boston Ave
Huddle Room 408
02Zachary Faubion
BP 105
zachary.faubion [at]
E+ Block
MWF 10:30-11:45am
TWRF: 9-10:20amSee Trunk site
for announcements
and supplemental
03James Adler
BP 209
james.adler [at]
F+ Block
TRF 12-1:15pm
T: 3-4:30pm
R: 2-3:30pm

Course syllabus

Required materials | Homework and Quizzes | Exams | Grading | Academic Honesty | Accessibility Services | Sexual Misconduct Statement

Required Materials

Note: the textbook is available online via MyMathLab! The hardcopy of the text is optional.

Homework and Quizzes

Homework will be assigned each class on MyMathLab. Due dates will be indicated in MyMathLab. The four lowest homework grades will be dropped and the final homework average will be the average of the remaining scores.

Quizzes will be assigned weekly. These are written take-home assignments designed to challenge your understanding and give you realistic feedback on exam quality questions. Quizzes are due one week from the date they are distributed at the beginning of class. The lowest two quiz grades will be dropped and the final quiz average will be the average of the remaining scores.

Late Policy on Homework and Quizzes

Quizzes will not be accepted late. Homework on MyMathLab can be submitted late for up to 80% credit before 11:59pm on Monday, December 14. Your instructor will review their late policy on the first day of class.


There will be two midterms and a final. The exams will not be in class--the location will be announced in class and on the department webpage under current semester info. All sections of Math 36 take the exams on the following dates:
Midterm 1Monday, October 5Open Block
This is not during scheduled class time
Midterm 2Monday November 9Open Block
This is not during scheduled class time
FinalTuesday, Dec 15 8:30-10:30am See Tufts Final Exam Block Schedule

There will be no make ups for any exam according to department policy. Please arrange your travel plans accordingly. For exceptional circumstances that require you to miss an exam, contact your instructor at least one week in advance.

Exam preparation materials are available under resources for all sections of Math 36.

Course Grade

Your Homework and Quiz grades will be the averages computed without the dropped assignments, as indicated in the Homework and Quizzes section above. Your final grade will be the higher of the following two scores:

Grade 1 = .10*HW + .10*Quiz + .10*Midterm Low + .30*Midterm High + .40*Final
Grade 2 = .10*HW + .10*Quiz + .10*Midterm Low + .10*Midterm High + .60*Final
Course grade = maximum of Grade 1 and Grade 2

Academic Honesty

You are required to sign your exam. With your signature you are pledging that you have neither given nor received assistance on the exam. Students found violating this pledge will receive an F in the course and will be reported to the Dean of Students. Plagiarism on quizzes will be dealt with similarly. Note that although collaboration on solving quiz problems is encouraged, the final written product must be the work of the individual student.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for this course include 1a and 1e, and to a lesser extent, 3a and 3b on the list of mathematics undergraduate learning objectives.

Student Accessibility Services

If you are requesting an accommodation due to a documented disability, you must register with the Student Accessibility Services Office at the beginning of the semester. To do so, call the Student Services Desk at (617) 627-2000 to arrange an appointment with Linda Sullivan, Program Director of Student Accessibility Services.

Sexual Misconduct/Sexual Assault Statement

Sexual Misconduct, including Sexual Assault, is a form of discrimination based on sex or gender that violates federal Title IX regulations and is prohibited by Tufts policy. Tufts is committed to providing an education and work environment that is free from sexual misconduct (see Tufts Policy on Sexual Misconduct and Nondiscrimination). Federal law, state law, and Tufts policy require that sexual misconduct (sex/gender discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual exploitation, stalking, as well as relationship, dating and domestic violence) are subject to the same kinds of support and same accountability measures as any other protected category. For more information about protected categories, please see the Tufts non-discrimination statement.

If you or someone you know has been harassed or assaulted, you may contact the Office of Equal Opportunity at (617) 627-3298 or file an anonymous complaint at For anonymous resources and support please go to OEO’s resource page. You may also call in confidentiality the Tufts Counseling and Mental Health services at (617) 627-3360 or Tufts' Ears for Peers at (617) 627-3888 during business hours, or the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center at (800) 841-8371 all day every day.

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