Bacteria Growth

For Section-01, MyMathLab HW 16 Question 13.

If using Chrome, download and open separately with the Wolfram CDF player: Bacteria Growth.
If you are not using chrome and the interactive cdf is not showing, then you need to click the image to download the Wolfram CDF player.

Instructions for use: The computation P_r(T) is the definite integral from 0 to T of the curve p'(t) = C(t-1)^(-r) for C a constant and r > 1.

You want the smallest value of r up to three decimal places so that the integral is just a little less than the actual observed net growth as given by your version of the problem.

If you're interested in using Mathematica to make functions, let me (Instructor Bray) know. I can give a brief tutorial outside of class sometime. You can download Mathematica for free as a Tufts student using your Tufts id and password. Other options are excel and high powered calculators, like TI-89's.