Math 21-01
Introductory Statistics
Andrew Sánchez
Fall 2015


Course Info

Block: C, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 9:30–10:20 a.m.
Room: BP-2
Email: Andrew [Dot] Sanchez [at] Tufts [Dot] edu
Office Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, 10:30–11:30 a.m., Thursday 1:20 p.m. - 2:20 p.m.
Office: BP-207


Link to the Syllabus, Updated September 13, 2015.

Exam Dates


Homework 1

Due Tuesday, September 15th. Histogram of Scores.

Homework 2

Due Tuesday, September 22nd. Histogram of Scores. Link to data collected in class: comma separated values, excel file.

Homework 3

Due Tuesday, September 29th. Histogram of Scores.

Homework 4

Due Tuesday, October 6th. Histogram of Scores. Note: For 5-4 #22 there is a slight change. Please write the condition as an inequality involving a finite sum and leaving n as unknown. The book asked you to then solve the inequality for n -- you DON'T have to do that!

Midterm 1

Link to topics list, Updated September 29, 2015. We will discuss on Tuesday, October 6th
Link to Solutions
Histogram of Scores

Homework 5

Due Tuesday, October 20th. Histogram of Scores.

Homework 6

Due Tuesday, October 27th. Histogram of Scores.

Homework 7

Due Tuesday, November 3rd. Histogram of Scores.

Homework 8

Due Tuesday, November 10th. Histogram of Scores.

Midterm 2

Link to topics list, Updated November 5th. We will discuss on Tuesday, November 10th
Link to Solutions (Note: there is a small error, at the top of page 7 it should say the P-value is .0392)
Histogram of Scores

Homework 9

Due Tuesday, December 1st. Histogram of Scores.

Homework 10

Due Tuesday, December 8th. Histogram of Scores. Link to the four data sets: comma separated values, excel file.

Final Exam

Link to topics list, Updated December 5th. We will discuss on Friday, December 11th
Note: There is an error on the Poisson formula. It will be fixed on the exam.
The final will be Thursday, December 17th in BP-002 (the same room we have class in).

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