Mathematics of Social Choice (Math 19-1)

Spring 2018

Basic Course Info


Chapter More Material HW solutions Quiz Handout Solutions
Ch 13 Ch13 Quiz1
Ch 13, Ch 14 Applet Handout Ch 14 day 1 Quiz2 Applet Solutions
Ch 14 Compensation Handout Ch 14 day 2 Quiz3 Compensation
Ch 16 Fair Division Handout Ch 16 day 1 Quiz4 Fair Division
Ch 16 Envy-Free Handout Ch 16 day 2 Quiz5 Envy-Free Proofs
Ch 17 Steinhaus Proofs Ch 17 Quiz6 Steinhaus Proofs
Ch 20 Ch 20 Quiz7
Ch 21 Ch 20,Ch 21 Quiz8
Ch 22 History of Division Ch 22 Quiz9 Merger Example
Apportionment Apportionment Reading Apport hw
Extra Division Problems Extra Division Solutions
Ch 1 Voting Handout Ch 1 Voting
Ch 2 Paulos Article Ch 2 Quiz10 Paulos
Ch 3 LePore Article Ch 3 Quiz11
Ch 4 Pairwise Proofs Ch 4 day 1 Quiz12 Pairwise Proofs
Ch 4 Extra Credit Instructions Ch 4 day 2 Quiz13
Ch 5
Bird Feeder Graph
Ch 5 day 1 Quiz14 Extra Credit Sample 1
Ch 5 Ch 5 day 2 Quiz15 Extra Credit Sample 2
Ch 6 Ch6 Quiz16 Extra Credit Sample 3
Ch 7 Ch7 Quiz17
Ch 9 Criteria Questions Ch9 Quiz18 Criteria Solutions
Ch 10 Ch10
Mul Sat Examples Ch11 Quiz19
Weighted Voting Weighted Voting Handout Quiz20 Weighted Voting
Banzhaf Power Banzhaf Reading Quiz21 Nassau Solutions

Logic Video

Borda Video

Majority/Condorcet Video

No Spoiler Criterion Video

Monotonicity Video

Muller-Satterthwaite Video

Compensation Applet

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